Highlights – Magic of Disney, Universal Store, Chic-Fil-A, Kennedy Space Center, Seaworld, Lego Store. This is one of America’s busiest airports, people from all over the world arrive here to visit Disney World. Orlando is home to a world of attractions with Disney World at the top of that list followed by Universal Orlando, Seaworld, […]


Highlights – Cultural Centers, Observation deck, Paris Baguette, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Movie Theater, Public Art, Media Art, Tech Displays. Most international flights will land at Incheon International Airport, a large 2 terminal airport with tons of food, shopping and even some cultural pitstops. Frequently ranked in the top 2 airports in the […]

The Canteen is consistently one of Edmonton’s best modern brunch place. Associated with the iconic Red Ox Inn, you can tell where it gets its roots.

Stopped by Sushizanmai Honjin via a website’s listings in Ginza. This restaurant serves decent sushi, with a very friendly staff, highlighted by sushi bar seating and interactions with the sushi chefs along with some quality bites of sushi and some more unique sushi.

Highlights: United Airlines hub, Vending Machines, Hershey’s, Trip Advisor store, Space Corner, Duty Free Chanel, CNBC smartshop, Natalie’s Candy Bar, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Beer, Einstein Bros. Bagels. IAH is very modern and hosts one of United Airlines hubs, it is efficient at connecting flights. You may need to check your gate upon arrival because […]

Ok let’s talk about the real deal, best ramen I’ve ever had. Down a back alley away from the street lights of Umeda, Osaka. We wandered into this hole in the wall restaurant late one evening. Little did I know Roku Sanroku has a 14 locations, mainly within the Osaka area.

This might be definitively the best cafe style dessert place I’ve ever been. I’m usually just about the food. Service and ambiance is takes a back seat unless it’s terrible or extraordinary. Cafe de Ginza is one of those gems, the ambiance is spectacular here. Located just a few blocks from the stunning Kabukiza Theater which looks quite […]

Saganakanoshimacho, Kyoto April 20, 2015

This restaurant served me my first meal in Osaka, we got in late after a LONG ride on the bullet train from Tokyo. We decided to go explore Umeda and grab lunch, we couldn’t really decide on what food so we started just following Mcdonalds signs because I felt like I needed a break from […]

Jigokudani, Jigokudani valley, Kyoto April 20, 2015