Seoul Food – Banff

Yup, I just used the cliche that you’ve heard a million times. This post is a little bit of a reminiscence from early fall 2014 and a bit of a test as my first post. 

Feeling pretty burnt out near the end of the summer from work and a good friend returning to Seoul. I got a good buddy of mine [2lazy2cook] to take a road trip with me. The mountains are close in proximity, photogenic and was an easy way of having faulty cell reception to get away from it all, thx Fido.

Of course we hit up Seoul Country in Banff, AB. It’s better than most places in Edmonton, the kimchi and side dishes/condiments whatever you want to call it are far superior to most Edmonton restaurants.

Mandu (dumplings) – Seoul Country

Starter: Mandu (Pork Dumplings). Crispy, good balance of flavors. As with most dumplings in my own conceit, they are mostly all the same unless I’m at 鼎泰豐 in Taipei. Not necessary a bad thing, most dumplings are well made from my experience, with a few terrible exceptions. The filling was mainly pork with a bit of chives, onions, mushrooms and the usual suspects when it comes to flavor the base with sesame oil, fish sauce, soy sauce, etc. Highlights: the crispy texture and the lackadaisical sauce that wasn’t too strong but just added enough acid to balance the dumpling which was impressive because of its weak nature on its own. 7/10.

Seafood Stew – Seoul Country

Main: Seafood Stew. Perfect for the brisk weather and how I was feeling. This is what I came for. Spicy, salty and hearty while still seemingly light. The depth of flavor is quite satisfying without being over seasoned, the chili/soy base is just complimented by the sweetness of the cabbage and seafood with small hints of ginger, garlic and onion which add to the depth of flavor. I love having the heat of stew contrasting with every bite of cold kimchi or any of the other side dishes which are excellent here. The seafood (fish, clams, etc) was cooked well, a bit overcooked but I’ve come to expect that from bowls which sustain their heat capacity.  Highlights: excellent side dishes, great balance in seasoning and depth of flavor, pleasant bowl of comfort food to warm up after exploring in brisk fall weather. 9/10.

Seoul Country is a decent restaurant. It is a good substitute for a home cooked meal, no complaints especially since I recently attempted and failed to cook a Korean style stew for the first time. Good times to get away with my buddy, relax and talk about life.

– Daniel


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