Eorzea – Akihabara

So guess we stumbled on this crazy little cafe, Pasela resorts x FINAL FANTASY. Pasela has at least one other cross over restaurant I know of with Capcom in Shinjuki, I didn’t see any street fighter or mega man so I passed. The ambiance of Eorzea is something pretty special. DSC02110These guys know how to get people in, walls lined with final fantasy weapons, artwork, TV screens, figures (MOOGLES) and a stunning bar and stained glass window.

Dim lighting with spot lights or lanterns at the bar added to the nuances of it being. They played the final fantasy bar music, I assume, from the most recent one on loop, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The gimmick here, they give you a coaster for every item you purchase and on the back there’s different characters with different rarities.DSC02083
The menu is not really inspired by final fantasy but it influences the plating and the concepts depending on the heat and protein options. Ifrit = heat,DSC02082 raptor/dodo = chicken etc. Commonly at these types of bars, the drinks look pretty spectacular. I assume one of the most popular drinks is the potions, you have a few different choices but i chose the peach one, which is peach syrup in a 100ml round bottom flask and a glass of carbonated waterDSC02077 which you mix together. We also got a few other drinks, very light on the alcohol but they taste good and look nice.

The food options here are all over the map, from pizza and fried chicken to lobster and ramen. A lot of these items looked good but the iced blue ramen was a clear choice. DSC02079The chilled broth had a bit of a sour note and was probably a shrimp broth or potentially shrimp and various other sea food (different clams, shell fish). The noodles in the cold broth were cooked to perfection, the fact the cooking has completely stopped compared to a bowl of hot ramen probably contributed to this. The taste? well I think its something rather unusual, a cold seafood broth but it had a very familiar flavour which is of cold shrimp. It was very reminiscent of a shrimp cocktail to me, I liked it. I would maybe try to recreate it at home but it seems like there are alot of variables you could make where the broth would turn out poorly if you don’t have the right balance of time, and the control on brininess (yup I think i made that word up).

My sister as per usual tried to IMG_20150414_194816_1order the most expensive thing on the menu, which is the lobster but it was sold out, so she ordered the crayfish instead. I got to try a bit of this, it was a tiny bit over cooked, but the side of potatoes with the salt and sauce on the side made it very good, it reminded me of patatas bravos but very light instead of punchy.

We ordered the pizza as well to share, it caught my eye because the photo in the menu showed a black crust which I later found out was a black bean tortilla. It was good, simple and somewhat lazy. DSC02086For me it was probably the drinks and the location and the familiarity with making a pizza on tortilla shells or pita bread when I feel really lazy. No interesting flavours to tell you guys about or any stand out ingredients but it was comfort food for me.

We also ordered the fried dodo (drumlets) also nothing spectacular, but they IMG_20150414_193228-1were good. I don’t have much to say when it comes to chicken wings, they are most likely always going to be good.

For dessert I had the LIMIT BREAK, which is chocolate cream puff with shaved chocolate, frozen blueberries and squares of DSC02089raspberry white chocolate? We also tried the green tea ice cream with traditional mochi covered in matcha DSC02092green tea and simple syrup.

This cafe has really friendly staff, with a cool atmosphere and even though I thought there would be final fantasy things from other games which would be more relevant to me, I can’t say I was disappointed at all with this dining experience. Every now an again you get the right mix of atmosphere,uniqueness, alcohol and friendly staff that makes for a great experience where food is secondary.

Final Fantasy Coasters

Final Fantasy Coasters


Alright, bottles on me as long as someone drink it


Akihabara, Tokyo

April 14, 2015


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