Accidental Blue Rare – St. Albert

So while trying to go to vinyl rock cafe one Saturday night after a movie me and a few buddies accidentally walked into Blue Rare steakhouse in St. Albert’s quaint downtown.

We were too embarrassed to leave the location so we ate here.
I got the blue rare tuna with a side of rice and steamed vegetables, the rice was just mixed with a few cooked vegetables, which gave it a little extra texture but was quite bland on its own. imageThe steamed vegetables were done well, lightly seasoned but nothing out of the ordinary. The tuna was good, still cool in the centre. The seasoning was a tad bit salty for my tastes but I guess the salt gives it a better crust especially for something cooked with such a thin crust. The tuna was cooked almost to perfection, just enough char to taste it but not overwhelm the light tuna flavour and  it was just seared with a uniform thin crust around the entire piece of fish. Really beautifully cooked.

The Manhattan was quite good too. Better than your average places, imagethough they use bourbon and not the traditional whiskey. A cool note is they mix your cocktail table side

I got the creme brulé for dessert. It was actually quite uhh… not good.  imageIt still tasted good but technically all the textures were terrible. The garnish on top didn’t pair well with the single note of the egg/brulé sugar.

I’m not too sure how to define the plating at this restaurant everyone’s dish came the same, a classical dull plating of a starch, the same steamed vegetables and protein. On the good side they grill extremely well, and for all you carnivores they have a 16oz steak on their menu. I’d say go for the grill and the drinks, probably… skip everything else.

Blue Rare Steak & Bar

St. Albert, Canada

March 28, 2015


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