Seaside View of Tokyo Tower

The Eiffel... or... I mean Tokyo Tower

The Eiffel… or… I mean Tokyo Tower

World Trade Center,

Minato, Tokyo

April 15, 2015

Took this shot with everyone else setting up tripods I used my gorillapod, I was more interested in getting a good instax photo with mwpid-wp-1430143056650.jpgy Neo 90 on bulb mode, so I rushed this photo. The view from the 40th floor is pretty spectacular, last year I had the chance to go up to the Tokyo Skytree which has a great view as well but it’s extremely busy, you can see the different districts from the sky tree but here you see a good skyline not a top down view of the city. It’s a very chill, relaxed environment, not many people, soft music and low lighting compared to the busy skytree town and tower.

Instax: 22s + F/22 (bulb mode+landscape) + Flash off  + 60mm + ISO800

Gear: Sony A6000, Ziess Touit 32mm, SEL20F28, SEL1018F40, SEL1855, SEL55210, Legacy: Takumar 50mm F1.4, Takumar 28mm F2.8
Nikon 1 J1 10-30mm, 30-110

Fujifilm Instax neo 90

13s + F/1.8 + 32mm + ISO100


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