Ganko – Osaka

wpid-wp-1430775054728.jpgThis restaurant served me my first meal in Osaka, we got in late after a LONG ride on the bullet train from Tokyo. We decided to go explore Umeda and grab lunch, we couldn’t really decide on what food so we started just following Mcdonalds signs because I felt like I needed a break from the traditional local food. Instead we walked passed this resturant with really cheap food that looked good.

wpid-wp-1430775058890.jpgThe restaurant is quite large, a standard sushi bar with quite a few large booths closed off with walls, and hangers everywhere! The menu consists of sushi, rolls and noodles. The main sets are a type of noodle (soba, udon etc) or miso (soup/egg) with a sushi set and considering how much food you get for ¥2000 – ¥2800 depending on the variety or amount of sushi and the quality of the food, its a bargain. We actually had a conversation with our waiter at the restaurants who spoke fluent English so if you’re nervous about walking into a restaurant and ordering, this would be an ideal location.

I ordered the cold soba with the largest sushi set, at around ¥2800. The foods pretty good, leagues better than back home, but i’d say average for Japan. Soba was cooked perfectly, soft but still has that chewiness and the dipping sauce was tasty, salty with a tiny bit of sweetness and that flavour from a good soy sauce base. Tossed in with some green wpid-wp-1430775067585.jpgonions, it was refreshing from the 25°C weather. The Sushi was standard high quality seafood with well made sushi rice for Japan. I don’t get how the tamago in Japan is so much better than Edmonton as well. Conger eel and tuna as well, just on a different level.

This location has an expansive English menu with lots of options, foreigner friendly staff, cheap/quality food open for long hours. For me this is a good lunch spot, easy to find in Umeda if you want sushi. There are tons of other things to do around the area, so you can go DSC02808grab a large bite when you’re hungry. In my opinion the two things most comparable in quality to Japan I get back home is soba and udon, and both have the same starting base in the broth. I’ve tried to make soba after going, I find its quite easy to reproduce and tastes very similar.


Sushi, Ganko Osaka


Umeda, Osaka

April 18, 2015


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