Sushizanmai Honjin – Ginza, Tokyo

Sushizanmai Honjin sushi bar

Stopped by Sushizanmai Honjin via a website’s listings in Ginza. This restaurant serves decent sushi, with a very friendly staff, highlighted by sushi bar seating and interactions with the sushi chefs along with some quality bites of sushi and some more unique sushi.

This restaurant has a few floors, when you enter you’re greeted by a host than will ask if you want to sit in a bar setting or booths. By his suggestion he said the bar was the best and sent us up in an elevator where we arrived at a large open sushi bar with a few booths around the large dining room. We received seating at the bar, which I love in Japan. You get to see all the action and expertise differentiating your run of the mill sushi place elsewhere from dedication to one craft.

I’d say always go for the chef’s choice, Omakase. The starting salad is a small bowl of mixed greens and seaweed with corn and a light rice vinegar vinaigrette. I’m usually down for any Japanese salad but this one wasn’t great, usually my expectations for a Japanese salad is to be able to taste everything and have it be very balanced with sweet/sour/earthy green from the vegetables. The Miso soup was good, traditional. It was served in a giant bowl that had me navigating how to drink it without a spoon.

The sushi here is fresh, and there are some uniquely made pieces of sushi. The tuna combo is a showing of 6 different types of sushi, 2-3 of each. You get you’re regular Maguro tuna, medium fatty (Chutoro, my favorite), fatty (toro) and one that has been quickly torched on top for nigiri and three pieces of tuna rolls and two pieces of Negi-toro style.

I had the Omakase or Chef’s choice a plate consisting of 13 pieces of sushi. Everything was quality but I loved the eel, the giant slice on top of a ball of rice with the sauce and a few slivers of chives was amazing. The ikura (salmon roe) and uni was once again stunning with its sweetness/freshness. Here I also had a run in with the negi sushi, it’s the bundle of expertly sliced green onion tied rice, this one had a drop of mildly flavoured hot sauce on top. The taste of a very mild taste of onion but has such a punchy freshness to it, it just pops. The crab with the ball of crab roe on top was also different, taste good but nothing too special. The other sushi was good, but nothing too mind-blowing.

I’d say the website rating is a bit over rated, but it was still a wonderful plate of food, with some highlights, just not everything was on point. A lot of the other pieces of fish were just ok. The location is also a bit hidden off the main streets so it’s a bit hard to find. Ginza has a ton of food options if it’s not on your way I’d suggest not travelling to dine here, most of the food is average for Tokyo Sushi.

Sushizanmai Honjin,

Ginza, Tokyo

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