Kinzuna Sushi – Shinjuku

After getting lost for a few hours trying to find our hotel, we found our bearings and headed out to Shinjuku for a quick late dinner. DSC01767We just wondered around pretending like we had options as to what to eat.When in reality we knew we were going for sushi, we just walked into a place because the photo of the chirashi-don looked exquisite.

Just to be clear prepared nigiri sets in a plastic container (think T&T) that you get from Tokyo station or somewhere similar is probably way better than any sushi I’ve had in Edmonton. People that know me will probably now thinking as soon as I got back from Tokyo last year why I constantly wanted to go to every restaurant I could find and order the nigiri combos. Yuzen in St. Albert was the only place in the ballpark.

Simply put, all the fish was extraordinary, uni which I can’t stomach usually was amazing buttery and sweet, and salmon roe was also on a different level from what you usually get. There was one type of fish or something in the chirashi that didn’t work for me, it was translucent, had a texture like a crunchier jellyfish and was really fishy but everything else was great.

We also ordered the Eel(unagi) with tamago roll, it was also really good. DSC01770Partially grilled with unagi brushed over. Hands down the best unagi I’ve ever had, in fact I would go as far as to say I didn’t know the flavour of eel until today. It tastes and had the texture of a really good fish, unlike the almost solid dry chicken texture and taste like home.

The feel of the place was exactly what you’d think, you get welcomed by basically the entire restaurant staff. We sat at the bar and watched the chefs make all the food, they were extremely good at what they did.DSC01764 Something endearing I find in Japan with everything people do, they are fully committed at their jobs to try to reach their maximum potential, always searching for something better. These guys have all my respect.

Kinzuna Sushi,

Shinjuku, Tokyo

April 12, 2015


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