Gundam Cafe – Akiba

Planning on checking this place out before we got to Japan, DSC01850it was one of our few restaurant/cafe stops we had planned. Since Akihabara is full of entertainment all the time, it’s easy to just drop by for a snack or coffee. I guess after nerding out this week I felt like it’d be the best time to post this.

As you walk into the cafe I was greeted by two employees both in some pretty awesome looking military uniforms, the place is a cafeteria style service. You sit, go up to order you’re food than it brought to you later. The look of the place is contemporary cafe or casual lunch spot for Japan, with a few exceptions, a curvy red outline that separates the black roof DSC01861from the white walls with little touches to notify you that yes, you’re in a Gundam cafe. Out of all the things they decorated the cafe with, the music from the gundam tv series really defined it.

I was in the generation of Gundam Wing and a bit of destiny and I was glad to see the Gundam Cafe decided to pay homage to all the Gundam IPs they had. The drinks were named after characters from all the different gundam series. Getting a drink named after you’re favorite character maybe encountered by some tough choices if you have preferences for alcohol, I went with something cool looking with flavors I like and without lactose. DSC01852I ended up with the Setsuna F Seiei, Grapefruit, lychee, blue curacao and tonic all with a flower on top. I also tried some of the Athrum Zala, raspberry syrup and earl grey, which tasted like an iced tea.

I had the curry, the rice was shaped uniquely, and the dish overall had pretty good cool plating. It was my first Japanese curry since last year, its pretty DSC01855much the same as I remember all Japanese curry being. This ones a bit less salty and has a bit more of a curry kick than the other ones I had on this trip. The beef was tender, and was a good change up from the standard tonkatsu.

Overall the two meals we had were mediocre but the curry I like a little better than average, but the reason to go is purely for the nostalgia or that yes there’s a Haro by the counter and a 4 ft gundam standing outside and a small gift shop attached with some cool paraphernalia. Also cool to see, wpid-wp-1430117527183.jpgsome guys just grabbing coffee there casually doing work/homework as if its any other cafe in the city. They also give you collectible coasters as well here.

Gundam Cafe,

Akihabara, Tokyo

April 13, 2015


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